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hello i loved your playlist and i'd like to know what is? please ;D

What is? what do you mean? do you want to know the song title or how to make the playlist?

Haha. xD

of course we can see you~ | for e-aquatic

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If you found out that i’m posting your picture/gif/whatever without credit, please drop by at my ASK and ask me to do so.. i don’t mind it tho and i don’t eat people.. RLAB xD

fanart of Kris and Kyungsoo..

lol Jongdae~

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Jongdae’s message to his mother | cr.trans

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A wild $uho appears (っ◕‿◕)っ

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Whose girlfriend would you like to become?

  • Kris: Will stare at his girl anytime, anywhere, try to tease her anytime. He would also try to cook for his love, but eventually, FAILED. He will be defeated with her aegyo, they would use pokerface with each other
  • Tao: Would protect his love no matter where they were, he would also be the one who brings her peace. He would be happy, as long as she is with him
  • Luhan: Would be very manly although his look doesn't say so. He would treat his girlfriend like a princess
  • Chen: Sing lullaby for her to sleep, would hold her hands tightly, would always think about her
  • Lay: Would do a sexy dance for her. He would be very romatic and a true GENTLEMENT. He would also be the type that brought her gifts after vacations cause he always missed her
  • Xiumin: He would be very responsible, he would do selcas and even hug the teddy bear with her
  • Kai: He would kill her with his sexy dance. Be the gentle, soft kind toward his girl, he would be very cute and he would be jelous easily
  • Suho: A very down-to-earth guy, he would want to show her his parents, he would treat her like he was a husband when they first in love
  • Baekhyun: A goofy and dumb boy. He would create numerous funny stories to laugh together, he would also be the type that call her just to ceck what she was doing
  • Chanyeol: He would be cool with his girlfriend but, of course, he couldn't hold back his derpiness. They would go out a lot and he would buy her cute stuffs that she likes
  • D.O: He would cook breakfast, lunch, dinner for her. He wouldn't want her to go anywhere, just stay home and he would do everything. He doesn't want her to get hurt
  • Sehun: A childish boyfriend, but he would be a man when he was. He would do aegyo around her and be happy about her reaction everytime he did it, more like LOVE it
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EXO in a classroom..

  • Teacher : Xiumin wake up !
  • Teacher : Luhan stop talking to sehun .
  • Teacher : Lay did you forget your homework again ?
  • Teacher : $uho put your wallet Away ..!
  • Teacher : Kyungsoo why do you look so scared All the time!?
  • Teacher : GOSH ..Kai button your Shirt .
  • Teacher : Tao why is your hair blue !?
  • Teacher : Baekhyun stop playing with the light switch !
  • Teacher : Kris why do you look so pissed off !?
  • Teacher : Chanyeol stop slapping the table !
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Exo in Chinese movie..

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Exo abs and bellies(?)

TrollChen and his padawan learner, TrollChan

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EXO Growl live @ 60th Anniversary RCY Peace Camp

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01. Peterpan
02. Don't Go
03. Baby
04. 3.6.5